Energy Efficient Homes in Northern Virginia

As one of the premier builders of energy efficient homes in Northern Virginia, Sekas Homes is dedicated to the highest standard of excellence. For generations, we have been providing customers with custom homes that not only look beautiful, but can also save them money on their utility bills. Our custom home builders meet or exceed ENERGY STAR qualifications for energy efficient homes in order to improve the environment and increase overall home performance, and we have partnered with EDGE Energy to offer solar options for our luxury homes.

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Our Green Building Practices

Because of our dedication to sustainability and green building, Sekas custom homes use less energy than older homes half their size! Some of our energy-saving green building practices include installing:

  • High-efficiency windows, such as Andersen 400 Series Low-E4 Windows
  • ENERGY STAR certified GE appliances
  • High-efficiency hot water heaters, HVAC systems, and bath fans
  • Low-flow toilets and plumbing fixtures
  • Energy-saving foam insulation for exterior walls
  • Reflective roofing plywood, including TechShield Radiant Barrier
  • Programmable thermostats
  • And more!

In addition to our numerous standard energy efficient building practices, we can provide many green building materials on request such as bamboo flooring, sustainable carpeting, and more.

When demolishing existing homes, Sekas Homes recycles materials including copper, aluminum, wiring, steel, and even brick and concrete. We have also used the services of the nonprofit organization Second Chance to assist in the deconstruction of homes so that many products, like windows and appliances, can be reused.

Our Partnership with EDGE Energy for Solar Homes

Through our partnership with EDGE Energy, Sekas Homes will be able to bring their expert engineering to the table during the planning phase and incorporate solar energy for our custom home designs from the very beginning. By doing so, we are able to maximize efficiency, minimize cost, and deliver solar solutions that are integrated into the design of your custom home—thus hiding otherwise bulky wiring and effectively sealing and flashing the roof.

Sekas Homes and EDGE Energy offer both solar-ready homes and full-system installations. If you want to learn more about our solar homes in Northern Virginia, contact us today!

Vienna Green Builder Certification

Not only are we ENERGY STAR qualified, but we have been recognized by the Town of Vienna as a green builder under their Vienna Green Builder Certification. Builders and architects receive this certificate when they adopt an independent energy efficiency program or incorporate innovative technologies such as geothermal heating and cooling, solar heat collectors, and grid-connected photovoltaic panels or shingles into their construction.

Choosing Green Home Builders in Northern Virginia

If you're looking for a builder that specializes in energy efficient homes in Northern Virginia, contact Sekas Homes today! Our expert staff of architects and designers can help you engineer a high-performance, environmentally friendly home that will save you money on utility bills month after month.