What Are the Advantages of Owning a Luxury Townhome?

With land in desirable neighborhoods at a premium, townhouses represent a growing share in the real estate market in Northern Virginia. Purchasing a luxury townhome can be a tremendous investment for you and your family—one that reaps a hefty return while also providing convenience and community.

Some of the greatest advantages of purchasing a townhome include:

Easy Maintenance

Townhomes are much easier to maintain than a traditional family-sized home. They give you the luxury of quality building products and superior design, with the added bonus of being a manageable size. Not to mention, many townhomes have a Homeowner’s Association, which takes care of the outdoor landscaping around the community and some of the basic utilities.


Townhomes can be an attractive option for many new homeowners–offering something of a middle ground between single family homes and smaller condominiums. They offer a luxurious design and full-sized feel and still allow you to live in a prime urban center or vivacious community. When you are transitioning into being a homeowner, a townhome is a wonderful first step.

Convenience & Community

Many townhomes are built to represent small communities. Common areas and amenities provided in townhome developments can be a major draw when shopping for a home because they are friendly and convenient.

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