Our Aging in Place Home Features

“Aging in place” refers to the ability to live in one home for the rest of one’s life—meaning you’ll never have to renovate or move to accommodate for your changing needs throughout your life. It’s often an alternative to living in a health care environment or nursing home. At Sekas Homes, we offer a number of features designed for people interested in aging in place, so you can enjoy your home for years to come.

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Our Aging in Place Features

We offer many features designed to make life easier as you age, including:

First-floor owner’s bedrooms – one of the most popular aging in place features in our homes is the ability to have a first-floor bedroom. Since stairs can become a burden as you age, having your bedroom on the same floor as the kitchen and entertainment areas aids in an independent life.

Additional railings – we can add additional railings and hand-holds throughout the house, as necessary, to offer more support.

Ramps – particularly in entryways, having ramps can be crucial to aging in place. At Sekas Homes, we can add ramps in place of stairs in many areas of your home.

Non-skid flooring – to help prevent the risk of slipping and falling, we can install non-skid flooring throughout your home.

Grab bars in the bathroom – in addition to handrails throughout the house, we can add grab bars in the bathroom. This can be particularly important for bathing and getting up and down.

Walk-in showers – curbless, walk-in showers make aging in place a breeze. In addition to this, we can install hand-held shower heads to make bathing even easier.

Elevators – at Sekas Homes, our highly skilled architects and engineers can even design your home to include an elevator closet in which you can add an elevator immediately, or sometime down the road when the time is right.  An elevator will make getting from the basement to the upstairs as simple as the push of a button.

And more!

Because we are a custom home builder, not only can we build luxurious estate homes, but we can completely design them around your needs and lifestyle. Set up an appointment with one of our highly experienced designers to discuss which aging in place features will be perfect for your home.

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