Basement Bar Designs to Improve Your Home

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One of the most common basement design elements requested by people interested in luxury custom homes is a bar. Adding a bar in the basement can create an excellent gathering place for friends and family, as well as a beautiful place to display a wine collection. If you’re considering a bar for your home, you’re probably researching basement bar design ideas trying to find the perfect style. At Sekas Homes, our custom home designers have been helping people create the perfect basement bars, and they have some things you always need to consider.

Things to Consider When Researching Basement Bar Design Ideas

  1. The countertop material. When it comes to basement bar design ideas, you’ll see a lot of options for the countertop material. Some include: laminate, ceramic tile, granite, and the classic wood bar top. Each of these materials falls in a different price range and style, so choosing the one that fits your tastes best is important.
  2. How much storage you want. If you’ve been looking through magazines and researching basement bar design ideas, you probably already know that your storage choices are practically limitless. You can add cabinets under the bar, behind the bar, around the bar, and anywhere else you need them! You can also add storage for wine bottles, dishes, etc.
  3. Choosing a wet bar or a dry bar. One of the biggest decisions you’ll make when choosing your basement bar design is whether you want a wet bar or a dry bar. If you choose a wet bar, you can install a sink and dishwasher because it has plumbing, whereas a dry bar would not.
  4. Which appliances to install. When you have countertop space installed in your basement for the bar, it gives you many options for installing different appliances, including: microwaves, dishwashers, trash compactors, ovens, etc.
  5. Custom gas fireplace

  6. The importance of the details. Some of the most important design elements in a basement bar are the details. The engravings and carvings of the bar, including rails, columns, and more, can have the biggest impact. Don’t overlook the importance of the little things when it comes to basement bar design ideas.
  7. The lighting. Basement bars are an excellent place to have a little fun with the lighting. You can install lights under the hanging cabinets behind the bar, or in glass-fronted cabinets. You can also have a hanging bar light or recessed lighting.

If you want help choosing from your different basement bar design ideas, contact Sekas Homes today. Our highly skilled design team has been helping homeowners create the perfect bar to fit seamlessly in with their tastes and lifestyle. Call us today to learn more about your design options when it comes to building a custom home in Northern Virginia!