Popular Bathroom Design Elements for Your Custom Home

After all of the structural elements of your custom home have been selected, such as room sizes and placements, window and door locations, etc., it’s time to make design selections. Your bathrooms are some of the most important spaces when it comes to home design because you’re working with a number of different elements and room sizes which need to be accommodated.

The professional design team at Sekas Homes has over 20 years of experience helping homeowners select the perfect bathroom design elements for their homes, and they’re here to prepare you for some of the decisions you’ll need to make during the selections process.

The Bathroom Design Elements


When it comes to selecting bathroom design elements, one of the first things many people choose is the flooring. You have many options, from small, geometric tiles to hardwood to 12′ by 12′ ceramic and much more. The type of flooring you choose will influence the whole style of your bathroom, including the colors and theme.


Are you planning a master bathroom with a double sink or do you need a pedestal sink for the powder room? Selecting the perfect sink is important, and you have many options, including:

  • Console sink – A console sinks has a flat top with the plumbing exposed beneath. This is a great option for minimalist designs or small bathrooms.
  • Pedestal sink – The base of the sink covers any plumbing fixtures, and doesn’t take up very much room. These are perfect for smaller spaces.
  • Vanity sink – These sinks have cabinets or storage space below them and are perfect for larger bathrooms or when extra storage space is needed.
  • Double sink – If more than one person is going to be using the bathroom, such as in the master bath, a double sink is perfect because it has two sink basins along a large countertop.

Shower or Tub

The options for your shower or tub are practically limitless. Not only can you choose between claw foot or pedestal tubs, but you can do shower/tub combos, Jacuzzis, spacious glass-enclosed showers with multiple shower heads, and more! Our exceptional design team can show you all your options when it comes to your shower or tub.

Hardware & Accessories

The hardware is the final touch when it comes to bathroom design elements. From the drawer pulls, faucets, and shower heads to the towel racks and soap holders, the hardware and accessories will complete the style of your bathroom. You can choose from a number of different metals, finishes, and shapes for each element—we can help you sort through the many choices and find the hardware that is going to be just right for your bathroom.

The Custom Home Design Experts

At Sekas Homes, we have been helping homeowners in Northern Virginia make their custom home dreams a reality by providing expert advice and top-quality service. Our highly experienced team of designers and subcontractors are among the best in the business, and they can help you select the perfect bathroom design elements for your home. Contact us today to learn more about our custom home designs in Northern Virginia and get started building the luxury home you’ve always imagined.