The Benefits of Solar Panels for Your Home

There is a rapidly growing interest in solar energy for homes in the Washington, DC Metropolitan area, and many people have questions about the advantages of installing solar panels. At Sekas Homes, we’re dedicated to providing our homeowners and potential customers with the most comprehensive information about their solar options. Through our partnership with EDGE Energy, we are now able to provide full-system solar installations and solar-ready options for our custom homes in Northern Virginia.

There are three main benefits of solar panels for your home, and we’ll go into more detail about them below.

The Three Main Benefits of Solar Panels

1. Saving Money

Homeowners today pay a lot for their electricity—and that price is only going to continue to rise over time. Nationwide, the prices for electricity have been increasing approximately 6 percent every year for the last 30 years. Installing solar panels for your home allows you to take charge of your energy spending and opt out of electricity rate increases altogether.

In addition to avoiding utility rate increases entirely, one of the greatest advantages of solar panels with Sekas Homes and EDGE Energy is that we can help you set up a 2-way interconnection agreement between you and your power company so you can receive energy credits. What this means is that when your solar panels generate excess energy you don’t need, the meter will measure the delivered power to your utility company and they can reimburse you with a billing credit—basically, you’ll be selling the unused solar energy back to your utility company!

2. Helping the Environment

One of the most fundamental benefits of solar panels is how much they help the environment. Solar panels do not emit any greenhouse gases or burn any fuels in order to create power. Solar power simply conducts the sun’s radiation—a process void of any harmful chemical by-products, smog, or gas. When you install solar panels for your custom home in Northern Virginia, you will be reducing your carbon footprint and decreasing the amount of pollution in our air.

Not only does a solar panel installation benefit the air we breathe and our ozone, it helps save eco-systems! When you don’t need to mine for raw materials, there is no need to destruct forests and destroy eco-systems. This means we can avoid tragedies like the 2010 BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico and the destruction of the Boreal Forest in Canada, which created toxic by-product ponds large enough to be seen from space.

3. Creating Energy Independence

When you don’t rely on a power company for your energy, you can begin to create energy independence for yourself because you can create infinite free energy. This is seen as one of the greatest personal benefits of solar panels, but it encompasses more than that. Many wars have been fought over our increasing demand for fossil fuels, and the installation of solar panels for your custom home is one step toward creating energy independence for you and our country. It allows people to be self-reliant for their energy use and completely avoid the politics and price volatility of the energy market.

Install Solar Panels on Your Custom Home in Northern Virginia Today

If you’re interested in a solar panel installation for your custom home in Northern Virginia, contact Sekas Homes today. In addition to the solar options we provide through our partnership with EDGE Energy, we pride ourselves on exceeding ENERGY STAR standards and designing efficient homes. Call us today to schedule a consultation!