How Big Should Your New Home Be?

The most important physical thing about buying a new home is undoubtedly its size. After all, if you plan to spend even just a few years there, the space needs to fit your lifestyle and home decor.

Like most homeowners, you probably already have vivid ideas of what you want inside; to these, you must allow for storage space, complementary pieces, and other accouterments. At Sekas Homes, we believe that combining design with spaciousness results into homes that you can live in for years to come.

Accounting for Rooms

Not every room is created equal—but you certainly want each one to be spacious enough for later additions. For example, if you ever plan on selling your home, enhancements to the kitchen and bathrooms often skyrocket your asking price in addition to improving your overall aesthetic.

The Two Primary Rooms

But even more importantly, your home should be big enough to accommodate your lifestyle. The living room and kitchen tend to be hubs of entertainment where people gather, so special attention should be paid to these sizes. Sekas Homes includes spacious, gourmet kitchens in all of our homes, with ample, ENERGY STAR® rated lighting, and pristine cabinetry. Granite countertops are standard additions, along with high-grade appliances.

The living room, of course, should also be sizable. After all, it is meant to be a gathering place for the family and guests! Certain interior decors can enhance the size of an already spacious room further; the living room is, essentially, the throne room of your castle.

An open floor plan can do wonders for addendums and changes you might have in mind—whether you intend to expand this room into the other rooms or take advantage of the in-built flow and how each rooms merges into the next smoothly. Sekas Homes architects are quite happy to help you achieve your dreams when building on your own lot or in one of our beautiful communities.

Elegant and Spacious Home Styles

With so many options from which to choose, Sekas Homes has compiled the most pertinent house size features into a collection of luxury home floor plans. This makes it easy to identify the needs of your family, based on the size of said family and individual tastes.

The expansive Bellair, Claridge, Versailles, and Cheshire home styles can boast as many as 6 bedrooms, with up to 6.5 bathrooms. If you require even more space, the Cambria is an estate that might suit your needs. The Nottingham floor plan is tailor-made for a large family with no shortage of close friends that might be entertained on any of the given holidays.

It has between 4 and 6 bedrooms and 3.5 to 5.5 bathrooms spread out over multiple stories—meaning that each room is quite large relative to the average residence. The designed exterior of the Nottingham is quite similar to another of the expansive estate floor plans—the Versailles.

Sekas Homes helps you understand the size of the house you need, and has used over 30 years of experience building immediate homes and luxury estates to erect the range of sizes that homeowners gravitate towards. To learn more, give us a call or send us an online message at your earliest convenience. We specialize in building the home of your dreams.