How Do I Build a Custom Home?

Have you been searching for a new home in Northern Virginia only to come up short time and time again? Don’t settle on a home you barely like when you can build a dream home you’ll love with the help of a custom homebuilder. The process is easier than you might think.

Set a Budget

The custom homebuilding process begins and ends with the budget. It’s the single most important factor in deciding where to build your home and what to include inside it. Work with a bank or credit union to determine how much you can spend building your custom dream home. Don’t worry—a reputable builder will work closely with you and your lender to provide the most cost-effective financing possible.

Find a Build Site

If you already own property large enough to build your dream home on, you may be able to build on your own lot! If not, our experienced team at Sekas Homes can help you find a suitable plot of land to build your custom home on. Our builders will accompany you to different sites and make recommendations based on site locations and the perceived cost to prepare the land for a new home so you can stay on budget.

Follow Regulations and Fill Out Paperwork

Permit applications, zoning regulations and property line restrictions must all be taken care of before construction can begin. Sekas Homes will work with the city on your behalf to take care of these items.

This is also the time to finalize financing from your bank or loan officer. After all, the project can’t begin until you have the money available to fund it.

This step also involves sitting down with your custom homebuilder and signing a contract. Be sure to read the contract thoroughly so you understand every aspect. You may want to have your attorney review the contract with you before you sign.

Choose a Floor Plan or Build from Scratch

How much customization do you want? You might choose to start with one of our award-winning luxury home floor plans. Select the plan that suits your needs best, and then customize certain features to make the home your very own. That’s one of the beauties of working with a custom homebuilder like Sekas Homes—you can change as much or as little about the original floor plan as you want so you end up with your dream home.

If none of the existing floor plans feel right to you, you can also choose to work closely with our design and architecture team to come up with a functional layout that suits your needs perfectly. With a professional by your side to bounce ideas off of, you can rest assured that your design proposals will be carefully considered for safety and feasibility before they go from the drawing board to the blueprints.

Select the Materials the Finishes

This is the step most future homeowners look forward to the most. After all, the floor coverings, paint colors, appliances, light fixtures, kitchen cabinets, door styles, molding, and trim are what give your home its unique personality. Make your selections and sit back as the homebuilder completes the construction phase under your supervision.

You can choose any materials and finishes you want. Just remember to keep your budget in mind during the selection process. Your builder should be able to offer economical alternatives to more expensive materials and finishes so your dream home stays on budget.

This is merely a brief overview of the custom homebuilding process. When you’re ready to learn more about building your dream home in Northern Virginia, please contact Sekas Homes.