Build a Home on Your Own Lot in Arlington, VA

Building a luxury home on your own lot that is uniquely yours requires the skill and craftsmanship of an award-winning custom home builder like Sekas Homes. Since beginning our first home in 1987, we have become respected in the Arlington community and developed strong working relationships with some of the finest architects and contractors in the business.

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Our Custom Home Experience in Arlington, VA

When you build your custom home with us, you’ll work with our staff to explore your design options, and we’ll provide you with a complete estimate for your new home within 5 business days. All costs associated with your home will be included in our proposal—there will be no hidden surprises or extra fees, and financing can be arranged with our banking partners. We work closely with local banks and credit unions to provide the simplest and most cost-effective financing.

At Sekas Homes, we offer you the choice of using one of our beautiful home floor plans, customizing one of our plans to suit your specific lifestyle and tastes, or working with our design team to create a home that is just right for you.

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Selecting a Lot for Your Custom Home

The foundation of every great home is in place long before the cement is poured—that’s why lot selection is so important. However, finding a lot in Arlington is more than just finding the perfect location for your home; there are zoning and building regulations that need to be followed, demolition requirements, percolation tests, and more. That’s why getting help with your lot selection is vital. The experts at Sekas Homes can help you find a lot that is not just beautiful, but also suitable and well-priced. We’ll ensure that the lot has the right grading and passes any percolation and land tests necessary to build your dream home.

The Benefits of Lot Selection Assistance

Some of the benefits of lot selection assistance in Arlington include finding or understanding:

Beautiful scenery and area – Of course, one of the top priorities when it comes to lot selection is finding an area that is beautiful, safe and in the right location for you and your family. When you work with Sekas Homes, we’ll take all of these considerations in mind as we help you select an ideal lot for your custom home—one that will complement the home design we’re creating for you.

Suitability – Purchasing a lot is a huge investment, and you don’t want to throw your money away on a lot you can’t build the home of your dreams on. Before you spend the money on a lot that’s beautiful, let Sekas Homes help you determine its suitability. This would include assessing building regulations, zoning laws, sewer and water lines, demolition and clearing costs, and more. The suitability of the lot is one of the most important determining factors during lot selection because certain building regulations and restrictions dictate the number of bedrooms and bathrooms a home can have, the number of floors allowed, whether or not there can be a basement and other constraints. Sekas Homes can help you by ensuring the lot you choose can accommodate the home you plan on building.

Percolation and other land testing – Related to the suitability of the lot, land testing, such as percolation tests, are essential to lot selection because some land types cannot be built upon. When you work with Sekas Homes to build your custom house in Alrington, our experienced staff will perform all land tests necessary to ensure the lot is suitable for building.

Affordability – Anytime you make a big investment in your future like purchasing a lot for your home, you want to be sure you’re getting your money’s worth. That’s why Sekas Homes will put their decades of experience to work for you to help you find the perfect lot at the right price. We understand the value of a good plot of land and know when you’re getting a fair price for your acres. Our years of experience and good reputation have helped us gain the trust of the community. Many sellers chose to sell their homes directly to Sekas Homes instead of going to market so we often have access to lots that never get listed.

Building with Award-Winning Sekas Homes in Arlington, VA

Choosing the right custom home construction company is a key part of the building process, so it’s important to work with the right builders. At Sekas Homes, we’re proud of the strong reputation we’ve garnered from our clients and the Arlington community. We believe in the integrity and quality of our work right down to the smallest details. When you choose us, you’ll benefit from our:


Our custom home builders have extensive experience in the home building industry. We have been creating beautiful spaces for homeowners throughout the Northern Virginia area for nearly 30 years. You can rest assured we have the experience and expertise to build the perfect home for you and your family, down to the finishing touches.


Sekas Homes is an award-winning custom home builder in Northern Virginia. We’ve earned our reputation by producing outstanding results, and we’ve been recognized for our quality homes and attention to detail. We’ve also received numerous letters of recommendation from clients, home inspectors, and local industry professionals.


Our team offers not only the highest quality products and a commitment to excellence, but you won’t be limited in your selection! From choosing customized floor plans to building on your own lot to adding luxury finishing touches, our team of architects and builders will make sure your new home is perfectly suited to your lifestyle.


When you work with us for your custom home construction, not only will your new space look beautiful and function the way you want, but it will also be extremely energy-efficient, featuring state-of-the-art appliances and conveniences that have the potential to save you hundreds of dollars a year. Sekas Homes is proud to build custom homes that are ENERGY STAR certified.

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Build On Your Own Lot in Arlington, VA

Get started on the home of your dreams by contacting Sekas Homes. Our team is dedicated to creating the perfect home for you on your own individual lot in the Arlington, VA area.

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