Why Buying a New Home is Better than Fixing Up an Older Home

If you’re house hunting in Northern Virginia, you might be open to all the possibilities, from buying an aging fixer-upper to building a new home from the ground up. While each option has its pros and cons, most people find that buying a new home is better than fixing up an older home. Here’s why.

Problems with Fixing Up Older Homes

You might be eager to land a low price on a fixer-upper, but are you ready to take on the problems that come with it? There are many disadvantages to remodeling an older home, including:

  • Extra work. Whether you swing the hammer yourself or hire a remodeling company, the extra work involved to make a fixer-upper livable can be daunting.
  • Extra time. If you buy an older house in need of work, it could be months before you actually move in.
  • Nasty surprises. Many of the changes you make to a fixer-upper are exciting, but dropping $25,000, or more, to replace the plumbing and electrical is no fun at all.

In the end, it’s possible for remodeling costs and frustration to outweigh the initial savings your perceived from purchasing a fixer-upper.

Benefits of Building a New Home

Some people argue that buying a new home means you’re giving up the character of an older property, but building with a custom homebuilder offers many great advantages:

  • Efficiency and convenience. New homes are built with technology that makes them more energy efficient and convenient to live in.
  • Choose where to build. A completed home may be right for you, but you can also build a new home in one of our current communities or on your own lot.
  • No compromises. One of the biggest reasons to take on a fixer-upper is the chance to make it your own. But with a custom home built by Sekas Homes, you can choose everything from the kitchen appliances to the crown molding to the carpet color.

Choose Sekas Homes as Your Luxury Custom Homebuilder in NoVA

With Sekas Homes, you begin with a clean slate and none of the downsides of fixing up an older home. Over the past almost 40 years, we’ve been designing and building dream homes for our customers in some of the best communities in Northern Virginia.

Contact us today to learn more about our award-winning floor plans, and how you can customize your favorite one to suit your family’s lifestyle.