How to Choose a Green Home Builder

Building a new home from the ground up presents the unique opportunity to carefully craft your dream home. Whatever special characteristics you want can be yours, including energy-efficient features that decrease energy consumption and lower your carbon footprint. Green homes aren’t just good for the environment; they save you money on utility bills and make your home more comfortable.

How do you go about choosing a green home builder for your project? Do your research, and it’s easy to see why Sekas Homes are the builder you’re looking for.

Consider the Builder’s Green Building Practices

Green home builders are dedicated to sustainability, designing and building homes that use less energy than older homes, only half their size. This is possible thanks to green building practices. Sekas Homes employs the following techniques to save energy in the homes they build:

  • High-efficiency windows
  • ENERGY STAR-certified appliances
  • High-efficiency water heaters, HVAC systems, and exhaust fans
  • Low-flow toilets
  • Efficient foam insulation in exterior walls
  • Reflective roofing plywood
  • Solar-ready homes and full solar installations
  • Home automation, including smart lights and window coverings, Wi-Fi programmable thermostats, and automated door locks and security systems
  • Sustainable materials and finishes, including bamboo flooring, recycled brick and concrete, and responsibly forested wood products

Check for Certifications

Any builder can claim to offer features that improve home efficiency and performance, but only certified builders can support that claim. Sekas Homes is Energy Star-qualified, meaning the homes they build meet or exceed the efficiency requirements needed to improve overall home performance.

In addition, Sekas Homes has been recognized as a green builder under the Town of Vienna’s Green Builder Certification program. Builders and architects earn this recognition by incorporating many of the above green building practices into the homes they design and construct.

Look for a Positive Reputation

This is an important consideration no matter what type of builder you want to hire. You can assess a builder’s reputation based on customer testimonials and industry awards. Sekas Homes is dedicated to satisfying customers in Northern Virginia, a fact that has earned this home builder numerous awards since 2002.

Green Home Builder in Northern Virginia

Luxury and energy efficiency go hand in hand when you choose the right green home builder to construct your dream home. To learn more about the green building options available to make your new Northern Virginia home as efficient as possible, please contact Sekas Homes today.