Should You Use a Custom Home Design or A Pre-Made Plan?

Many times, when prospective homebuyers come to us, they’re unsure whether or not they want to use a completely custom home design or if they want to work from a pre-made plan. There are many advantages to each, depending on what will work best for you and your vision for your home. At Sekas Homes, not only do we have award-winning existing floor plans, but we’re able to fully customize our plans or even start from scratch.

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A Custom Home Design vs. a Pre-Made Plan

At Sekas Homes, we offer three main options when it comes to building a luxury home with us:

  • Selecting one of our award-winning floor plans
  • Choosing a floor plan and customizing it to suit you
  • Creating a completely custom home design through our design/build service

There are different advantages to each option and one is most likely more suitable to your lifestyle, design preferences, and overall needs. We’ll compare your three plan options below:

1. Selecting an existing floor plan from our wide portfolio

There is nothing wrong with an existing floor plan, especially one that is stunningly done and suits all of your needs. Our talented team of builders and designers has crafted many award-winning floor plans that are functional, beautiful and value-engineered to be built economically.  One of them could be absolutely perfect for you with no changes necessary. If that is the case, and you find a floor plan you love, this is the perfect option for you.

2. Choosing a floor plan and customizing it

Many homeowners find that the plan they like is just almost perfect—this is where working with a custom home builder will really start benefiting you. You can tell your design team what you’d like to change, add, or alter in the house to make it ideal for your lifestyle and needs, and they can work with you to seamlessly fit everything into the plan.

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