Eco-Friendly Builder in Northern Virginia

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With the recent explosion in new construction materials and environmentally-conscious building practices, every responsible homeowner is thinking about ways to reduce their carbon footprint. Sekas Homes is an energy-conscious builder of luxurious properties in Northern Virginia and has long been a proponent of excellence with an eye for energy conservation.

In fact, Sekas Homes’ architects have been designing and building efficient residential properties for several decades now—long before it became en vogue in the overall construction industry. As a result, you’ll find that even our older homes either meet or surpass federal ENERGY STAR® requirements. This not only reduces the usual emissions associated with houses, but it makes for performance improvements everywhere.

Solar Energy Is Gaining Popularity for Luxury Homes

This is for good reason; after all, sunlight dominates most of the day—so why not put it to use?  The solar addendums are unobtrusive and merge seamlessly into the other design elements of the house. They were constructed to be easily accepting of any additional solar renovations.

Although ENERGY STAR is the standard for climate-conscious builders, Sekas Homes has taken it a step further and successfully acquired the Town of Vienna Green Builder certification. As the premier provider of luxury homes in Vienna, we are proud to have received recognition from the community for implementing green technology such as geothermal heating and photovoltaic solar panels into our homes.

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Benefits of Eco-Friendly Homes

You’ve seen that the overall construction of our eco-friendly homes is both solar and ENERGY STAR-friendly—now it’s time to list a few of the direct benefits:

  • Thermostats with a wide degree of programmability allow you to keep the house at a comfortable —but not energy-intensive—temperature while you’re away or after it’s been regulated
  • Foam insulation acts as a barrier against the cold during the winter and makes sure the central air isn’t working too hard during the hot summers
  • Trademark TechShield Radiant Barrier for the plywood roofing, which regulates the amount of energy deposited on the top of the house; this further allows your home comfort system to operate efficiently
  • The home comfort itself is rated as very efficient, from the HVAC to the water heaters and more
  • The GE appliances that come with the house—gas range with grill, for example—are all ENERGY STAR certified

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Our commitment to green building further shows itself in the choice of materials used in home construction. Elements of the foundation are built using certified recycled materials, which include the various metals and construction-grade brick and concrete. Inside the home, you can opt for bamboo flooring and roofing comprised of reflective plywood. All told, these changes in building practices result in your home minimizing the pollution that enters the biosphere.

At Sekas Homes, we pride ourselves on the fact that luxury is not at all synonymous with wastefulness when it comes to home construction in Northern Virginia. An eco-friendly mindset is ingrained in everyone here, making us quite receptive to prospective clients who consider themselves just as green. Give us a call or contact us online to learn more about the positive ways that our energy-friendly homes impact you and your family—and how little they impact the environment.