What to Expect During a Final Walk-Through

The dream of owning a luxury, custom built home is alive and well in Northern Virginia, where discerning home buyers are afforded the opportunity to be a part of every aspect of the design process from location to finishes. The best way to ensure your satisfaction and comfort is to partner with a reputable, knowledgeable, experienced builder like Sekas Homes, where we are dedicated to the highest standards of quality with strict attention to detail.

Every stage of your new home build is meticulously executed by industry leaders, and once your project is complete all that’s left is to schedule your final walk-through before you close—but what should you expect from your builder and what is expected from you?

During The Walk-Through

The final walk-through is your last opportunity to address any items that require attention no matter how big or how small. Bring the following items to your walk-through:

  • Flashlight
  • Level
  • Clipboard and pencil
  • Stickers and marker
  • Camera
  • Hairdryer
  • Binoculars

Items to check include:


  • Run water through each faucet and check under sinks for leaks.
  • Flush all toilets.
  • Turn each lighting fixture on and off.
  • Test the levelness of countertops and cabinets.
  • Test heating and air conditioning.
  • Open and close all windows and test lock mechanisms.
  • Open and close all interior and exterior doors completely and test lock mechanisms.
  • Turn on exhaust fans.
  • Test the outlets in each room with a small hair dryer.
  • Close inspection of all ceilings, floors, and walls.
  • Ensure all debris is removed from the home.
  • Test all major appliances.


  • Test garage door openers.
  • Ensure garage door opens and closes completely and interior light is operational.
  • Walk around the exterior of the home looking for cracks or missing weatherstripping and inspect the trim and exterior finishes.
  • Use binoculars to visually inspect the roof.
  • Examine the landscaping ensuring it meets your specifications.
  • Test the sturdiness and finish of decking.

Mark any items that require attention with colored tape or stickers, number them, and write the corresponding number and deficiency on a master list; take photos of each item as additional visual proof.

After The Walk-Through

Establish a timeline for the completion of all work, ensuring larger issues are addressed prior to closing. Get a written agreement from the builder for repairs and determine who will do the work.

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