What are the advantages of energy-efficient homes?

Every custom built, luxury home by Sekas Homes is built to the highest standards of excellence to last a lifetime. As one of the premier builders in Northern Virginia, we are dedicated to the design and construction of homes that are both beautiful and energy efficient, using the highest quality materials and precision craftsmanship. Our commitment to green building practices and environmental sustainability means that our custom homes are more efficient than those that are older and smaller with a number of added benefits.

What Are the Advantages of Energy-Efficient Homes?

Our efforts have earned Sekas Homes recognition by the Town of Vienna as a green builder, as part of their Vienna Green Builder Certification program. Our green building practices offer several advantages to the homeowner and the environment, including:

Environmental Sustainability

Our standard energy-efficient green building practices include installation of the following:

  • ENERGY STAR® qualified GE Appliances
  • High-efficiency exhaust fans, HVAC systems, hot water heaters, and windows
  • Energy-saving foam insulation on exterior walls
  • Low-flow toilets and fixtures
  • Home automation systems
  • And much more!

These features, along with our other custom home options, help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, using less energy while conserving natural resources.

Costs Savings

Energy-efficient appliances, solar solutions in partnership with EDGE Energy, and home automation devices such as smart lighting or an energy consumption monitoring device all help to reduce the amount of energy you need to run your home and offer both immediate and long-lasting savings.

Improved Comfort

Green roofing materials, energy-efficient windows, and energy-saving insulation all contribute to the comfort and well being of your family by keeping your home warm throughout the winter and providing cool relief in the summer. Low-VOC (volatile organic compound) materials such as paint and flooring help improve indoor air quality, so your family can breathe easier.


Sekas Homes limits the number of homes we build each year, choosing quality over quantity. Each of our custom homes is designed and built to the highest standards of efficiency and craftsmanship, meeting or exceeding ENERGY STAR® certification. With an exceptional attention to detail and a high level of service, we are dedicated to providing our clients with energy efficient, luxury custom homes using the finest quality products and materials to last a lifetime.

To learn more about the advantages of an energy-efficient custom home by Sekas Homes, contact us today.