Why Should You Consider a Green, Energy Efficient Home?

While an environmentally-friendly design might not rank top on your priority list when planning for your luxury custom home in Manassas, Arlington, Great Falls or nearby Northern Virginia area, investing in an eco-friendly home will prove beneficial years down the road as you continue to enjoy your elegant, high-end and energy efficient home.

Green building, or sustainable building, involves making environmentally responsible and resource-efficient decisions throughout the building process. This includes the building’s design, construction and demolition.

Green building for sustainable housing has multiple components, generally defined by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA.) One of the largest components is energy efficiency and renewable energy.

Determining Energy Efficient, Luxury Home Design

The EPA and United States Department of Energy promote energy efficiency and renewable energy through their ENERGY STAR program. In order to earn an ENERGY STAR label on a new luxury home, home builders must incorporate efficient insulation systems, windows, heating and cooling equipment into custom home designs. Additionally, homebuilders should include lighting and appliances already certified by ENERGY STAR.

The Benefits of Consumer Energy Efficiency

Because energy efficient homes require less energy to operate, investing in green homebuilding helps prevent air pollution by reducing the amount of fossil fuels burned to power your house. But you might be surprised to learn that many of the benefits of home energy efficiency aren’t environmental!

According to the EPA, ENERGY STAR certified homes save homeowners approximately 20 percent on annual utility bills. Additionally, energy efficient homes offer high indoor air quality with less dust, pollen, bugs and humidity, as well as better water protection. If you plan to stay in your custom home for more than seven years, you will not only benefit from better performing home systems, but you will save thousands of dollars in maintenance costs.

Finally, energy efficient consumers are eligible for federal tax credits. So while energy efficient home and appliance models might initially cost more than standard models, the savings in energy bills on top of a 30 percent of the cost federal tax credit will pay you back in a short amount of time.

Finding an Energy Efficient, Luxury Custom Homebuilder

If you’re interested in eco-friendly, luxury custom homes in Manassas, Arlington, Great Falls, or a nearby Northern Virginia area, you can find a homebuilder who partners with ENERGY STAR in your area on the ENERGY STAR website with the ENERGY STAR partner locator tool.

For energy efficient homes in Northern Virginia, Sekas Homes is the name to know when it comes to Arlington, Great Falls and Manassas luxury custom homes. We meet or exceed ENERGY STAR qualifications through our use of ENERGY STAR certified GE appliances, high efficiency windows, hot water heaters and HVAC systems, programmable thermostats and more. We also offer green building materials on request, such as bamboo flooring or sustainable carpeting.

By adopting green building and energy efficient practices, not only can you expect higher performance and higher savings on utilities while being environmentally conscious, but you can also afford to invest in additional luxury features for your custom home. Jacuzzi, anyone?