Our Guide to Custom Home Building

Are you interested in building a custom home in the Northern Virginia area? The experts at Sekas Homes are here to make the process much easier with our eBook, Designing Your Dream Home, A Buyer’s Guide to Building a Custom Home. Our eBook covers everything from choosing a builder to things you can expect a few months after you move in.

At Sekas Homes, we’ve been helping people build the homes of their dreams since 1987, and over time, we’ve developed strong business relationships with some of the best engineers, architects, and subcontractors in the business—that way we can be sure we’re offering an amazing product to our most discerning buyers.

With our eBook, we hope to help our clients understand the custom home building process so they can know what to expect every step of the way.

Download our eBook here

Guide to Custom Home Building Chapter Outline

Designing Your Dream Home, A Buyer’s Guide to Building a Custom Home contains the following chapters:

  • Chapter 1 – Choosing Between a Custom Builder and a Production Builder
  • Chapter 2 – Selecting a Quality Custom Builder
  • Chapter 3 – Building on Your Own Lot vs. a Lot the Builder Owns
  • Chapter 4 – Where to Spend Your Money
  • Chapter 5 – Outlining Your Expectations for Your Home
  • Chapter 6 – Working Off of a Plan vs. a Completely Custom Design
  • Chapter 7 – Choosing Your Needs vs. Wants
  • Chapter 8 – Everything You Need to Know About Building a Green Home
  • Chapter 9 – Preparing Yourself for Construction
  • Chapter 10 – How to Avoid Problems During Construction
  • Chapter 11 – Things to Check before Your Builder Hangs Drywall
  • Chapter 12 – Everything You Need to Know About Change Orders
  • Chapter 13 – The Top Five Mistakes Homeowners Make
  • Chapter 14 – Getting Your Home Ready Before You Move In
  • Chapter 15 – How to Successfully Navigate the Home Closing Process
  • Chapter 16 – What to Expect After Your Move In

About Sekas Homes

Sekas Homes has been building luxury custom homes in Northern Virginia for over 20 years. We pride ourselves on our high-end products and the exceptional attention to detail that goes into every home we build. In addition to building beautiful homes, we also strive to meet and exceed ENERGY STAR guidelines for an efficient home. We even offer solar options for our homeowners.

Learn more about our custom homes by contacting us online or by phone at 703-594-7449!