What Homebuyers Should Know About Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency might seem like just a buzzword these days. However, as a prospective homebuyer, there are numerous reasons why you should care about energy efficiency. It is quickly becoming the industry standard for building efficient homes. But, as you may know, efficiency can come with a higher price tag, so what’s in it for you?

We at Sekas Homes, Ltd. understand how important energy efficiency is to homeowners, so we set a standard for all of our homes to meet or exceed ENERGY STAR® guidelines. We also offer an Energy Saver package that includes efficient HVAC and Eco-Batt insulation. If you are interested in any of our homes and our green initiatives, fill out our contact form today.

Read on to find out the most important things to consider in energy efficiency and why you, as a homebuyer, should care about it!

How Does Energy Efficiency Impact a Home?

Energy efficiency is a tricky element of homebuying because it can increase a home’s asking price but can also lead to significant savings in energy bills over the years that you own the home. So how does energy efficiency make a difference?

Energy usage has a direct correlation with home size: the more square footage you have, the more lighting or heating you need. So naturally, if you have a smaller home, you will use less energy.

So how do you conserve energy without downgrading in size? Your home’s insulation, HVAC system, appliances, and roofing all contribute to boosting efficiency. The building envelope (doors, windows, roof) is significant because it insulates the home and keeps your expensive heating or cooling from seeping out and increasing your energy costs. All of these elements mean less energy usage, which means lower energy bills. Saving the planet while spending less money sounds pretty good, doesn’t it?

Taking Efficiency into Consideration During the Home Buying Process

When looking into a prospective home, you can inquire about the Home Energy Rating System (HERS) to see how a home’s energy rating stacks up to similar homes you are considering. This rating will give you insight into what your monthly energy bills will be like, and you can compare ratings if you are considering multiple homes at once.

Energy consumption might not be at the forefront of your mind when you are buying a home, but it should definitely be a consideration. Think about it: the average annual energy cost in Virginia is $2000. If your home’s energy bills are below that average, you will save hundreds of dollars annually and thousands over the years you spend in your home. Those are significant savings!

If you are interested in a custom-built, energy-efficient home in Northern Virginia, Seka Homes is the builder for you! We create custom homes you are guaranteed to love. Contact us today for more information!

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