What Happens at a House Closing?

One of the most common questions people ask us is what to expect during the closing process for their new house. Although it’s one of the most important steps in the process of purchasing a custom home, it’s actually rather simple.

What Happens at the House Closing

At Sekas Homes, we have worked hard to create a home closing process that is effective and painless:

  1. After your custom home has been completed, we perform a final walkthrough of your new home. One of our team members will go over the punchlist for your home. In general, a punchlist contains a small number of minor issues, such as paint finish flaws or missing trim pieces, which need to be taken care of before the final settlement. However, when you work with Sekas Homes, your home will always be completed with fewer than 10 minor punchlist items, or else we don’t request payment.
  2. After an agreement has been reached, we go over and reiterate the procedures for the maintenance of the home. We ensure that the customer is comfortable with how to the run the different systems and what kind of maintenance is required for the home’s upkeep. For instance, if the homeowner were unsure how to use their new programmable thermostat, we would take the time to explain how it operates and what kind of maintenance they should expect to encounter. This is one of the most informative parts of the home closing process as it allows the homeowner to ask questions about their residence.
  3. We finish the home closing process at either our office or a settlement location of the home buyer’s choosing, where we complete the final settlement.
  4. When the settlement is complete, we provide each homeowner with a comprehensive binder that gives information about their home. All manuals and warranty cards from the various appliances and systems in their homes are included. This means that we give you all the manuals for such things as your:
    • Kitchen appliances
    • HVAC systems
    • Hot water heater
    • Garage door openers
    • Ceiling fans
    • Gas fireplaces
    • And more!
  5. We also provide you with a list of all the subcontractors that worked on building your home. Whether it’s your heating, plumbing or another home service repair, if a problem arises, you have the contact information and know who to call.
  6. The final step of the home closing process is handing over the new garage door openers and keys to the homeowners! We also reassure them that if they have any problems or questions in the future they can absolutely contact us.

Sounds simple right? If you choose to build a home with Sekas Homes, you can be assured your home closing process will be stress-free and effortless. Our thorough and effective home closing process ensures you are satisfied with your purchase and eager to move into your new home!

Still have questions about our home closing process? Give us a call! If you’re in McLean, Vienna or other areas of Northern Virginia and are considering a custom built home, contact Sekas Homes. No custom home builder will build like us—and certainly no custom home builder will have a home closing process as easy as ours!