How to Design the Perfect Kitchen

The kitchen is the hub of every modern home. It’s not just a place for cooking anymore, but also a place for congregating and entertaining. At Sekas Homes, we’re dedicated to building kitchens around our homeowners’ specific needs, lifestyles, and tastes. Here are the qualities we believe go into the perfect kitchen design.

  • Functional layout: The Work Triangle is something you take for granted until you work in a kitchen that fails to implement this basic kitchen design. Whether you have a U-shaped, L-shaped, or G-shaped kitchen, it’s imperative that the sink, range, and refrigerator be no further than 5 to 9 feet apart from each other. The fewer steps you take between these essential appliances, the more efficient working in the kitchen becomes.
  • Plenty of storage: There’s nothing worse than being forced to leave small appliances out on the counter for all to see simply because of limited cupboard space. Luxury kitchen designs from Sekas Homes feature plenty of storage so you don’t have to limit what you can keep in your kitchen. Special features such as pull-out drawers, large pantries, and lazy Susans maximize the available storage space.
  • High-quality materials: As the room where family members and guests alike are bound to spend plenty of time, it’s worth investing in eye-catching, durable materials for the kitchen. A stone countertop, second sink, modern matching fixtures, custom cabinetry, and hardwood floors are all examples of materials that add to your kitchen’s beauty and functionality.
  • High-quality appliances: If you like to cook, quality appliances can make all the difference. Stainless steel finishes are nice, but look beyond the outward appearance and choose a refrigerator/freezer, dishwasher, oven, and range based on the unique features they provide. Cooking becomes a joy when your appliances help you get the job done.
  • Balance between functional workspace and casual hangout spot: The standard way to strike this balance is to include a kitchen island with barstools or a breakfast nook with cozy built-in seating. These areas are inseparably linked to the kitchen workspace so it doesn’t appear that either one is encroaching on the other.
  • Lighting: It’s easy to overlook the importance of lighting—until you step into a kitchen that forgot this important design element. At Sekas Homes, we forgo the fluorescent light box and opt for more appealing kitchen lighting options, such as recessed lights for general lighting, custom pendant lights above the island, a chandelier above the breakfast nook, under-cabinet task lighting, cove lights for stylish nighttime lighting, and more.
  • Views: Windows are very important in the kitchen, both for natural lighting and a lovely view. A sink with a view is a desirable feature for any kitchen, especially if it overlooks the backyard or far-reaching natural area.

We grasp these important features of the perfect kitchen, but we also understand you have your own unique tastes and preferences. Partner with the experts at Sekas Homes to help you design the perfect kitchen of your dreams. Contact us online or by phone at 703-594-7449 to learn more about our custom kitchen designs.