How to Increase Your Custom Home Value

Building a custom home is likely one of the biggest investments you’re ever going to make, and it’s important to know how to spend your money in order to get the most from your house. You need to know how to increase your home value while still successfully budgeting your home. At Sekas Homes, we’ve been building award-winning custom homes for close to 40 years, and we know how you can get the most value out of your dollar.

How to Increase Home Value

There are seven majors areas you need to consider when determining how to increase your custom home value:

1. Location

When it comes to adding value to your custom home, location is everything. You could build a beautiful home with amazing details and features, but if it’s on a subpar lot or in a bad location, you could be in real trouble—both in terms of resale and what’s available for your particular lot. In general, it’s worth spending the extra money for a prime location, and it makes your long-term investment much more sound. The experts at Sekas Homes can help you through every step of lot selection to ensure you find a place that’s ideal for you and your home.  You can also explore our new homes currently available in Northern Virginia’s top lifestyle locations.

2. Kitchen

You’re never going to hear someone complain about the kitchen being too big, having too much counter space, or too many cabinets. In fact, the kitchen can be a deciding factor for most people when it comes time to resell your home—and if you’re not planning on reselling your home, putting money in the kitchen is still important. It’s an area of your home where you’re going to be spending a lot of time, and you want the design and space to be perfect for your lifestyle.

3. Family room

Whenever possible, add more space to your family room—never less! It’s a place for your family and friends to congregate and spend time together, and you’re probably going to spend many hours watching movies, playing board games, or chatting over cups of coffee. It’s always best to make the family room a little bigger than you think you’ll need.

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