Everything You Need to Know about Wine Cellars

Collecting and aging wine is a source of pride, pleasure, and joy for many. It’s also a hobby that requires meticulous care at all levels, from those just beginning to those who have been involved for years. Many of our clients in Northern Virginia choose to incorporate dedicated wine cellars in their custom home designs as a way to both carefully store as well as show off their collections.

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The Elements of Wine Cellars

Read more about the different elements of wine cellar design below.

Wine Cellar Racks

Wine racks are typically the focal point of your wine cellar, and provide space for you to house all of your bottles in an elegant fashion. They are also one of the first major decisions you’re likely to make regarding your custom wine cellar design. Wine racks are typically constructed out of wood or metal, and can be customized to your simplest or wildest ideas.

When installing wine racks, we typically tell our clients to consider the function behind the aesthetic. Things like ease of cleaning, airflow, and the size and number of bottles the client plans to store should all be taken into consideration, along with the ease of locating bottles. We also recommend that strongly scented woods like cedar not be used. Redwood is a common choice, noted for its strength and beauty.

Wine Cellar Floors and Walls

The most important thing to remember about the walls and floors in your wine cellar is that they must be able to withstand moisture. Ideal conditions for storing wine long term include air temperatures of 55 F and a relative humidity of 60 – 65 percent—the cool temperature slows the aging process while the high humidity prevents moisture within the wine bottle from moving into the cork and then evaporating into the air.

One unique idea many people enjoy is building the floor out of reclaimed wine barrel wood, which retains some of the aroma of wine and is already designed for wine storage conditions. Other options include marble or slate, sealed concrete, and tile.

Wine Cellar Doors

A well-crafted entryway adds a distinctive element of class to your wine cellar that would not go amiss. Many of our clients like to pair their wine barrel floors with similar doors for a truly one-of-a-kind look. Others prefer a glass and wrought iron look, while still others opt for large wooden doors. The door to your wine cellar is the first thing people will see, so it’s a perfect place to make a statement and set the tone for the rest of the project. Remember, the door must be exterior grade to withstand moisture and maintain temperature control. Double-pane glass must be used in doors with windows.

Wine Cellar Accessories

Beyond the basics, what you put in your wine cellar is totally up to you! We’ve had clients who furnish their wine cellars with a small table and chairs, who add tasting centers, glassware storage centers, and more. Most come with ideas pulled from magazines or the Internet, and we do our best to make them work.

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