Lower mortgage rates give today’s home buyers more buying power.

Mortgage loan rates have been steadily falling with rates for 30-year fixed and ARM products now reaching historic lows. That’s good news for homebuyers looking to borrow…that new home you’ve had your eye on is now more affordable! 

We think it’s a great time to Make.  Your.  Move! After all, the lower the rate, the more purchasing power you have.  These historic rates equate to sizable savings on a monthly payment.  And with interest rates this low you can choose to expand your search to a larger, perhaps more expensive home, because your net overall monthly payment may be the same. At today’s rates you can invest in a home 20% more expensive for the same mortgage than you could have just a year ago.

The door to opportunity is wide open with numerous loan products now available.  Fixed, ARM, interest-only…there are too many to mention.  Our team works closely with a select group of preferred mortgage partners who meet individually with every buyer to review their specific needs and customize a financing plan right for them. 

With low rates comes low inventory, but we are fortunate to have a variety of homes, at various levels of completion, throughout the immediate area.  If you’d like a free, no obligation mortgage review, stop by any of our communities today.  We’d love to visit with you!