Luxury Custom Homes in Northern Virginia

Building a beautiful, elegant home does not have to be difficult. When you choose Sekas Homes, an award-winning custom luxury home builder, you can design and create a luxury home that is uniquely yours. Since 1987, we have provided Northern Virginia with expert craftsmanship and high-quality custom-built homes. We are respected within the community, and have built strong relationships among the areas contractors, architects, and designers.

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Our Luxury Custom Home Experience

Great homes don’t start with materials, machines, or vacant lots. They don’t even start with a stellar architect or perfect blueprints. Beautiful luxury homes start with you. You have a vision—and your vision for your new home is unique. It may be scribbled in a notepad or stored in your brain, but we can make your well-thought out dream a reality.

At Sekas Homes, we are more than just your average homebuilder. We design and build luxury homes with your vision in mind. We promise creativity, quality, efficiency, and complete transparency. You will work with our experienced staff to explore your design options, orchestrate a plan of action, and decide on a budget. Within 5 business days, we will provide you with a complete estimate for your new luxury custom home. All costs of your new home will be included in our estimate—no surprises here!

From start to finish, we work with you and keep you in the loop on all design and construction decisions. When you choose us, you have the opportunity to completely customize our existing plans to meet your specific lifestyle and design tastes, or we can work with you to create a new custom floorplan from scratch.

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Lot Selection in Northern Virginia

All of our homes are designed and built in a Northern Virginia community—but we work with you to find the best community and lot for your luxury custom home. We understand that where you lay the groundwork for your luxury custom home is important. We take into consideration location, zoning and building regulations, demolition requirements, and more. Having us assist you with your lot selection can make the building process simple and less stressful. Our experts know how to find a lot that is beautiful, safe, and in an ideal location. In addition, the benefits of our assistance in selecting the lot for your luxury custom home include:

  • Percolation and other land testing – Land testing is essential in determining if your lot is able to be built on. Some open lots selections are simply not suitable for building, but our team will work with you to find a lot that is acceptable.
  • Affordability – Building a luxury custom home is a major investment. We make sure you are purchasing a lot that will be valuable for many years to come, and at the right price.
  • Sustainability – Before you spend money on a unusable lot, let Sekas determine if it is buildable and sustainable. We assess building regulations, zoning laws, sewer and water line, and more to determine how and what can be built on your lot.

To ensure that the lot you choose can accommodate all of the wants and needs of your luxury custom home, let Sekas Homes assist you in the lot selection process. Have a lot in mind? Contact us now and we can begin your consultation process for a new luxury custom home today!

Why Choose Sekas Homes as Your Luxury Custom Homebuilder?

When you are building a new home, choosing the right custom homebuilder is an important step. At Sekas Homes, we are honored to provide quality services and luxury to the Northern Virginia community. Our reputation among the area’s homeowners, contractors, and architects is undeniably positive. We believe in integrity and transparency, and aim to create the home of your dreams with you right by our side. Your friends and neighbors have chosen us as their luxury custom homebuilder because of our:


Since 1987, we have designed and built communities in Northern Virginia. Our expert craftsmanship, friendly service, and extensive experience in the home building industry qualify us to build your luxury custom home, from design to finishing touches. We are an award-winning custom home builder, and have received positive reviews and recommendations from our clients and local industry professionals.

Comprehensive Selection

We work with a number of vendors to find and install the highest quality products in your luxury custom home. From flooring to appliances to door handles, we make sure you have a wide selection to choose from, and make sure your home is well-suited to your personal style.

Energy Efficiency

Not only will your home be aesthetically pleasing and built to your unique style, but it will also be energy efficient. We aim to seek out and install the best, most efficient appliances in your new luxury custom home. These additions can make your home greener, and save you hundreds on your yearly energy costs.

Build Your Northern Virginia Luxury Custom Home With Us!

When you are looking to design and build a luxury custom home in Northern Virginia, Sekas Homes is the name to know. We work with you to design and build a home you will love. We take all of your wants and needs into consideration and turn them in to a functional and fashionable home that is unique to you. Get started on your dream home by contacting Sekas Homes today at 703-594-7449.