What Is a Smart Home?

When it comes to your custom home design, you probably have a vision for specific areas. Whether it’s a redesigned kitchen or an updated bathroom, it’s exciting to plan the different aspects of your luxury home. However, have you considered making your home a smart home? With this home automation system, your home can be more comfortable, secure, energy efficient, and convenient at all times!

If you are interested in building a custom luxury home in the Northern Virginia area complete with smart home features, give the award-winning builders at Sekas Homes a call today at 703-594-7449!

What Products Can a Smart Home System Control?

Because your lighting, heating and cooling systems, entertainment devices, security systems, and camera systems are connected to one another through a single device, you can control everything remotely and on your own scheduling! Your smart home system can add value to your home while making your life easier. Your home automation system could include:

  • Automated door locks and security systems. If your system is connected through your smartphone or tablet, you can arm your security system or lock your doors with just a push of a button!
  • Temperature and ventilation controls. Your smart home will allow you to easily adjust the temperature in your house—even when you’re not home!
  • Energy consumption monitoring devices. By connecting to your energy consumption monitoring device, you can track your energy usage easily—and potentially save money on your energy bills! Between controlling the temperature and lighting with your home automation device, your home could be one of the most energy-efficient houses on the block!
  • Smart lighting systems. Whether dimming the lights for an elegant dinner party or flipping them off from your bed before you go to sleep, a smart lighting system can add the ultimate blend of luxury and convenience to your home.

Your system can also control the following features:

  • Whole-house audio
  • Home theater control
  • Entertainment systems
  • Communication systems
  • Smart appliances
  • Plant and pet monitoring systems
  • And more!

Get a Smart Home System for Your Northern Virginia Custom Home

If you’ve been thinking about adding a smart home system to your custom home construction plans, Sekas Homes is the premier home builder for you! Whether you’re choosing a design from our award-winning floor plans or you’re building a completely custom home, we can install a home automation system, including the Control4 system as a part of your building plans.

By making your house a smart home, you’ll find the perfect combination of luxury, convenience, and efficiency for you and your family to enjoy. If you are ready to find the perfect smart home system for your custom home, call the expert builders at Sekas Homes to bring your vision to life! Call us today at 703-594-7449 or contact us online!