Switching from Renting to Buying: Four Big Perks

On the fence about becoming a first-time homebuyer? Below, we’ve rounded up four big ways becoming your own landlord makes life simpler.

Your car gets a home, too. Trade parking tickets and overpriced garage spots for a two-car garage that’ll keep your car out of the way every single day. Plus, with added space, you’ll also be able to easily store everything from bikes to beach umbrellas all in one place.

Where stability meets convenience. Buying doesn’t have to mean boring, especially with our community locations in fast-growing neighborhoods like Reston and Vienna.

Decorate your way. No mustard yellow walls, age-old appliances or hideous curtains to be found here! As a homebuyer, you call the interior styling shots, and can design a living space that’s perfect for you.

No risk of rent hikes. As a homebuyer, you’re in control of how much you pay, and when — no unforeseen rent hikes or unexpected fees, ever.

Appreciation awaits. While rent money is gone for good, the right home purchase is an investment that will continue to grow year after year.

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