The Best Green Building Practices

The best custom homes are not only beautiful but energy-efficient as well. A variety of green building practices come together to increase a building’s performance, decrease energy costs, and lower the carbon footprint. In the end, green building is economical and good for the environment, making it a growing trend in custom home building.

Which green building practices are most worthwhile? At Sekas Homes, we are dedicated to sustainability. We can install the following products to improve home efficiency:

  • Programmable thermostats: Your busy schedule takes you away from home most of the day. If you have a predictable schedule, you can save energy by turning the temperature down when you leave home. With a programmable thermostat, you can establish regular setback and recovery periods to save energy without sacrificing comfort.
  • ENERGY STAR qualified appliances: If you love to cook, only the finest ENERGY STAR appliances will do. Efficient performance makes you love your kitchen even more since you can bake, broil, and flambé all of your favorite dishes while using less energy.
  • High-efficiency windows: A combination of high performance and low maintenance comes with Andersen 400 Series Low-E© windows, a top pick for custom home builders looking to improve efficiency. These windows are weather-tight, high quality, and UV-blocking thanks to the Low-E4 coating.
  • High-efficiency heating and cooling equipment: Home heating and cooling accounts for half your monthly utility bill, so you can expect significant savings when your homebuilder installs more efficient equipment. Only ENERGY STAR-qualified air conditioners, furnaces, and water heaters go inside green custom homes.
  • Low-flow toilets and fixtures: Water costs are also a big concern. Low-flow toilets consume far less water than older toilets. Then, low-flow showerheads and aerated faucets keep the water pressure high while restricting the flow for less water use and lower water heating costs.
  • Efficient foam insulation: Heated and cooled indoor air is lost without adequate insulation in the walls, attic, foundation, and other areas of the exterior structure. Energy-saving foam insulation helps keep conditioned air in, no matter how hot or cold it gets outside.
  • Reflective roofing: Heat gain through the roof is a serious concern. While attic insulation is essential, a reflective roofing material and TechShield© radiant barrier on the underside of the roof help keep the attic cooler.
  • Custom sustainable installations: If you request bamboo flooring, a reclaimed wood front door, or sustainable carpet, you increase the green qualities of your custom home even more. These types of requests provide environmentally friendly solutions without sacrificing comfort or quality.

This is just a look at the energy-efficient products we use here at Sekas Homes. We also participate in green initiatives such as reusing products from deconstructed homes. Every custom home we build meets or exceeds ENERGY STAR qualifications for energy efficiency. In fact, the homes we build are often twice as energy efficient as older homes half their size!

To learn more about our qualifications and green building practices, please contact Sekas Homes, a premier home builder in Northern Virginia since 1987.