9 Things to Do Before You Move into a New Home

Building a custom home is a long process, filled with a lot of decisions and excitement—and sometimes, the little things that need to be done before you move into a new home can be overlooked. Whether it’s remembering to schedule a time with the moving company or activating your phone service, the professionals at Sekas Homes have compiled a list of some of the things you need to do approximately three weeks before your closing date.

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The 9 Things You Need to Do Before Move-In

Here are nine of the most important things you need to do before you move in—and as we mentioned before, these are things you should do about three weeks before you close on your house.

  1. Put your homeowner’s insurance info effect
  2. Confirm your walk-through date with your project manager—this can be a tentative date
  3. Call to schedule the electricity in your name upon move-in
  4. Activate your phone service
  5. Call to schedule the TV/cable hook-up from the cable company
  6. Schedule the water service in your name
  7. Schedule the gas service in your name, if necessary
  8. Call any other services you’ll need—including pool companies, lawn services, etc.
  9. Schedule service with a moving company, if necessary—and don’t forget to start packing, too!

Your on-site project manager can most likely help you out with many of the items on this list by providing contact phone numbers and company names whenever possible—so if you’re having trouble, just give us a call.

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