What Is the Vienna Green Builder Certification?

Climate change is a genuine concern felt around the world. According to the United States Energy Information Administration, the building sector is responsible for consuming nearly 50 percent of the energy produced in the U.S. and close to 45 percent of the total emissions. In light of these concerns, many government agencies and industry experts have implemented a number of changes that have influenced building materials and techniques, including the Vienna Eco-Efficient Homes Initiative.

Why Is Vienna Going Green?

As a means of encouraging home energy efficiency and conservation, the Town of Vienna has implemented the Vienna Green Homes Initiative. In addition to the environmental benefits gained as a result of changes made by homeowners, renters, and industry experts, there are a number of advantages for the town itself, including:

  • A healthy, viable real estate market, where buildings that incorporate green features such as solar panels, or geothermal heating and cooling, are becoming highly desirable.
  • Green buildings typically have a lower rate for default mortgages and a higher resale value.
  • High-efficiency structures use substantially less energy.
  • Residents enjoy a better quality of life, with cleaner, quieter, more comfortable homes, thanks to the sustainability of the building envelope in order to prevent heat loss or gain.

The Sekas Homes Advantage

In order to receive recognition and certification from the Town of Vienna as a Vienna Eco-Efficient Home Builder, applicants must satisfy the requirement of adhering to any one of the following independent certification programs or criteria:

  • EarthCraft House
  • Obtain a score of HERS (Home Energy Rating System) 70 or higher.
  • Exceed the standards for a LEED (Leadership In Energy and Environmental Design) certified building.
  • Exceed the NAHB (National Association of Home Builders) green building standard guidelines.
  • Passive House
  • ENERGY STAR® certified homes meet the strict criteria set forth by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

Sekas Homes is dedicated to sustainable, green building practices, using environmentally friendly, energy-saving materials where possible and maximizing our efforts at recycling building components such as aluminum, copper, concrete, and brick.

Sekas Homes are the perfect combination of beauty and efficiency, exceeding the standards set forth by the Vienna Green Homes Initiative, with green building practices that meet or exceed ENERGY STAR® green home certification requirements and incorporate integrated solar solutions through our association with EDGE Energy.

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