Warning Signs You Picked the Wrong Builder

Deciding on the right home builder for your new project can certainly be an intimidating task, but it doesn’t have to be! Here at Sekas Homes, we understand the importance of having the right builder for the right project—so we’re here to help. Here are some of the most common warning signs you picked the wrong builder.

Vague Details

If your builder is vague with the details of your building project, take it as a red flag. Your initial design and estimate should give you detailed information on the factors going into your projected budget for your new home, including:

  • Step-by-step tasks to be completed
  • Complete and comprehensive material lists and all associated costs
  • Full written schedule
  • Projected project completion date

Failure or hesitation to provide a fully transparent presentation for your building project may be a sign you’ve picked the wrong builder.

High-Pressure Tactics

High-pressure sales tactics are another sign you’ve picked the wrong builder. This can come in many forms including:

  • Temporary or limited-time sales rates
  • Degrading competitor’s businesses
  • Inflated ROI numbers exceeding area home market values

It’s important to find a builder who is willing to offer detailed cost analysis and confident in their attributes and abilities, rather than relying on diminishing their competitors.

Up-Front Funding Requests

We’ve all heard the unfortunate stories: an unsuspecting customer places a substantial deposit or down-payment with their contractor only for that contractor to disappear with their money without ever starting the project. You want to be absolutely sure that your contractors knows what you need and that they can be trusted before signing off on the deposit.

With the right builder, these deposits and upfront payments will be accompanied by plenty of paperwork to make sure both parties are covered.

Compatibility and Reputation

If something is subconsciously telling you that you’ve picked the wrong builder, it’s wise to listen. Regardless of the quality of your builder’s portfolio and references, compatibility is just as important as capability. If you get the sense that your builder is untrustworthy, you should pay attention to that feeling.

Your builder should share your vision, so it’s important your design styles are complementary to each other. In addition, your builder should maintain a good presence, with professional branding and printed materials. A well-maintained truck, as well as positive reputation in the community, is a sure sign you picked a reliable builder.

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