What to Expect in Your New Home

You’ve finally made it to the best part of building a custom home—moving in! Once you’ve gotten settled in and started showing people around the beautiful home you’ve carefully designed, planned, and built, what sort of things can you start expecting in your home?

Your home was built with an incredible attention to detail and expert craftsmanship, but no home is completely perfect. New homes will always include some minor issues like small cracks and the foundation settling. That’s because your home is comprised of thousands of unique components that were added over a long period of time, and small adjustments, settling, and cracks are all completely normal.

Here are the five most common issues new homeowners experience after a few months:

Cracking Crown Moulding – this is an incredibly common issue (particularly in two-story homes) and there’s virtually no way around it. It occurs as your home acclimates to the different temperatures and humidity levels from running the AC and the heat, but it doesn’t mean there’s anything structurally wrong with your home. Thankfully, a qualified handyman armed with a caulking gun should be able to repair the cracks very easily.

Grout Cracking – you may notice small cracks in the grout in the corners of your tub or in other tiled areas over time. Again, a qualified handyman with the right sealant can fix this for you—and the sooner the better because you don’t want any moisture to get into the cracks.

Expanding and Contracting Hardwood – when you have professionally installed hardwood floors (as opposed to a pre-fabricated kit), your floors are going to be susceptible to minor cracks over time as the wood acclimates to your home and the varying temperatures. We recommend allowing the hardwood to continually expand and contract for about six months before you make any repairs—that way you can be sure your hardwood has fully settled in.

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