What will your post-pandemic home look like?

While the past several weeks have contributed an undeniable stress into all of our lives, we’ve been happy to see the renewed “connections” this pandemic has given us…people connecting with families, friends, co-workers and folks within their local communities on a deeper level and often with more gratitude for the simple things these connections provide.

Speaking of gratitude, who hasn’t ventured to their local grocery store and not heartedly thanked the employees for their commitment to keeping the shelves stocked, or the local eatery workers committed to preparing a tasty meal for our enjoyment in the safety of our homes?  We certainly have been.

As an essential business, we’ve been fortunate to have been able to continue building homes.  We have spent our time and energy in creating safer, healthier work environments for our entire team…for whom we have an even higher – if that’s possible – affection and gratitude for.

It is our believe that the time we have been spending inside is going to have an impact on what our idea of “home” will be in the future.  An escape from hectic lives, home is, more than ever, a welcome and safe retreat from the chaos.  In addition to that place where we eat, sleep and binge watch our latest streaming obsession, we are now homeschooling our children, playing and working.  Certainly, those who will continue to work from home will have a strong opinion of what that work “space” needs to be.  Mud rooms will be large enough to accommodate the outdoor debris that we do not want in our immediate living quarters and private, outdoor spaces for entertainment and connection with nature are possibly an absolute necessity now. 

As a builder that loves to customize our home designs, we are curious to see what changes and modifications are on the horizon.  Let us know your thoughts and ideas!